STARS is an agency of nurses for Film and Television; all nurses have Unit Nurse experience as well as recent acute trauma care experience. If necessary, instead of Paramedic cover (which is very expensive) STARS can also supply fully qualified Doctors.

Many productions are now finding it to be more advantageous and cost effective to employ a Nurse and a Doctor rather than Paramedics.

A substantial
medical kit is carried which enables us to deal with a wide range of Accidents and Emergencies from minor cuts, sprains etc. to major resuscitation.

Unit Nurses are now becoming much more commonplace as everyone is becoming very health and safety conscious, and most production companies are surprised when they see how many Accident Report Forms are completed during the course of a normal days shoot.

These productions have all been very busy as many people have been unwell and there have been quite a few accidents. (Two people have walked through plate glass doors and someone had a post-tonsillectomy haemorrhage in a field at midnight!)

Many productions only consider having a Unit Nurse on stunt days, but from experience, accidents rarely happen during stunts, because they are so well coordinated, but are much more likely to occur when everyone is tired and rushing to derig at the end of a long day.